10 Reasons Why Gunite Pools Are a Smart Investment for Your Home

A gunite pool is a type of concrete pool created using a high-pressure hose to apply a mixture of sand, cement, and water. They are widely recognized for their consistent structural strength and adaptability in shape. For this reason, gunite pools are considered one of the best type of inground pools to be seen at many resorts and, more recently, households. Here are a few good reasons why you should definitely go for a gunite inground pool for your next home improvement investment. Keep reading to learn more about gunite pool benefits and how this type of pool adds value to your home.

Durability and Longevity.

One of the most important gunite pool benefits is its longevity. This type usually lasts at least 100 years if constructed properly. Moreover, gunite pools’ unique strength stems from the way they are built.

Building a steel rebar foundation serves as the first step in the procedure and provides strong structural support that withstands weight and pressure. Due to its stellar endurance, you won’t likely need to make any significant repairs over time, which saves you money.

Customizable Design

You’re rarely limited by any conventional shapes or sizes when it comes to a gunite pool. You can modify the shape of your pool during the design phase in order to make it perfectly match your backyard’s dimensions. To exactly suit your purpose, you can design beach entry, sun decks, benches, and nooks within your pool. If you also plan to use your pool in the evenings, lighting can be incorporated along with a fire pit and water heating features.

Unlimited Versatility

Gunite swimming pools can be constructed to fit any size or shape. By enabling you to design a shape that complements your current location, this lessens the impact on the landscape. In fact, gunite has become more of a popular material given the prevalence of free-form swimming pools. Since gunite pools are planned and constructed on-site, there are countless design options—from a simple shape conducive to exercise to an oasis that includes a small waterfall.

Low Maintenance Costs

Since algae issues are less frequent with gunite pools than with vinyl or fiberglass pools, they require substantially less maintenance. After all, you’re buying less chemicals and saving on your electric bill since you won’t have to run your filtration system on such a high setting.

Also, due to the greater durability of gunite pools compared to other pool types, you won’t need to repair any of its parts for many years after installation. Consequently, the gunite pool costs tend to be lower than other types where maintenance is concerned. 

Enhanced Aesthetics

Swimming pools made from gunite also have the wonderful aesthetic appeal of their interior finish. As we’ve mentioned, you have many options regarding design and purpose. However, one other gunite pool benefit is how well it can be incorporated with the rest of your backyard’s landscaping and hardscaping. For example, a patio created from concrete or pavers pairs seamlessly with a gunite pool. Plus, if you add other features, like an outdoor kitchen or a napping nook, then you have a space that’s ideal for just hanging out or entertaining.

Increased Home Value

For individuals who are considering adding an inground pool to their outdoor living space, gunite pools provide value for a lifetime within any property. The outstanding appearance along with its functionality will significantly improve your home’s value. In fact, you’re looking at a 7% increase in your property’s value if the landscaping and hardscaping are well-kept.

Improved Functionality

A gunite pool may be fully curved, have square angled corners, or both. When constructed using gunite, a pool can start at the beach entrance level and progress to any desired depth. Moreover, you can have a complete workout/spa area if you have a pool built for swimming laps with a hot tub next to it. Likewise, built-in water features or a slide made for the perfect recreational space.

Energy Efficiency

By making a few easy changes, you may have a gunite pool that uses little electricity during the summer. For instance, a solar or gas pool water heater can help you save money on heating. Plus, if you add timers to your filtration and heating systems, then they will run in shorter intervals instead nonstop. Likewise, you can have a pool cover installed which keeps the water’s temperature up while curtailing evaporation. You can benefit from these changes by spending less money and spending more time in your customized pool.

Environmental Benefits

Gunite environmental swimming pools are made to operate effectively, consuming less energy and thus costing the owner less money, especially if taking the measures mentioned above. However, one other option that leads to a more eco-friendly pool is to go with saltwater which doesn’t rely on chemicals to stay clean. Or you can incorporate plants, like sphagnum moss, that naturally purify the water while maintaining a natural pool aesthetic.

Personal Enjoyment and Health Benefits

A swimming pool provides access to a way of life that enhances your health and offers you more time spent with loved ones and friends, exercising, and relaxing (both physically and mentally).

Gunite Pools

As we can see, custom gunite inground pools offer a variety of alternatives, are quite strong, and have a luxurious appearance that might turn your backyard into a lovely hideaway. Gunite pools are quite affordable because of their outstanding durability and attractive appearance.

Are you looking to purchase an above-ground, in-ground, or hot tub? You might also be considering redesigning your backyard. Or perhaps, you’re wanting to know more about a gunite pool’s cost and design. You’ve arrived at the right place. We are one of the most trusted custom pool builders in Brick NJ. Our team can help you to design your pool to fit your space and to fit the overall feel that you want, with our 3D rendering technique.

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