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Pool Ionizers

What are Pool Ionizers? Pool ionizers help you get softer, silkier pool water. Pool ionizers, also known as mineralizers, play an instrumental role in removing bacteria and preventing algae. It typically uses copper and silver ions to kill bacteria and remove algae from pool water. Ionizing your pool means adding heavy metals to kill bacteria when exposure is long enough. Pool ionizers can be an electric in-line device, which is connected directly to the pump and filter system, or solar pool ionizers, which float in the pool like a chlorine dispenser. How do......

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Summer Around the Corner Your Swimming Pool Ready

The time to hit the pool is getting closer with every passing hour. And if there is a swimming pool in your backyard, you must be thinking about getting it ready for swimming sooner than later. As the spring is slowly giving way to the summer, this is the perfect time to restore your pool. The sooner you start, the better it is. You should carefully assess the swimming pool and look for any cracks or wear & tear in the pool’s inlay and the deck. If there is any damage, it may......

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Winter Pool Tips, Pool Cover and Pool Cover Pumps

Winters are undoubtedly the harshest season for swimming pools. We’re talking about debris falling on the swimming pool, pipes can burst because of frigid weather, trouble in draining or filling the pool, and the list goes on. Pools demand an increased level of maintenance, particularly during winters. If you live in a region with extreme winters, then it may become even more difficult for you during that period. But don’t worry, not everyone is a pool expert and we understand the complexity around its maintenance. Today in this article, we try to help......

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winterize pool

With sunny days fading and turning a bit colder, it’s the time of the year when homeowners start preparing their swimming pool for winters. Winterizing helps you in doing that, and it is not rocket science! Let’s uncover all the secrets of keeping pools ready for winters, starting with the term understanding ‘winterizing’. Winterizing your pool is a process of minimizing the risk of contamination and cold weather damage to the overall functioning and sensitive components of the swimming pool. Homeowners should take this measure before the winter season starts. By doing this,......

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