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Top-notch Concrete Pool Installation New Jersey

Pools are a great addition to your home. A well-designed pool with the right type of material can create a refuge to rapture alone or with dear ones. Concrete is the ultimate material to build a personally customized pool in your backyard. Concrete pools are highly durable and can be crafted into most beautiful designs.

What Is Concrete Pool

A concrete pool is an inground pool type, built with the concrete or shotcrete to make the walls and give the overall shape. It is one of the most durable inground pool types, and it can be highly customized depending on what features you want in your pool. Because of concrete, concrete pools last for years, are very durable, and is also a smart investment for your home.

How Concrete Pools Are Made

Concrete swimming pools may have a fairly standard way of construction, which varies very little depending on specifics of the pool size and design selected by the customer. It starts with digging a hole in the desired shape and laying the base where it will be installed. The installation team then places rebar or framing to give the concrete something to hold onto and, pipes are fixed and made sure all connections are leak-proof. Then the concrete mix is sprayed into the pit on the sides to create the walls of the pool and smoothened before giving it finishing touch. Sometimes, when the pool is smaller in size and concrete cannot be sprayed, it has to be hand troweled into place for more intricate shapes.

After the concrete is in place, it will be smoothed and allowed the appropriate time to cure so that it is rock hard. The team then finishes the pool with whatever you have chosen as the finish for the walls. It can be plaster, aggregate, tile, and other finishing choices. It will be the walls of the pool, the smooth surface where you are going to walk and swim within the pool.

Concrete Pool Contractors NJ - Custom Pool Pros

Features & Benefits
of Concrete Pools

Concrete pools have plenty of benefits that make them a great option for anyone looking for a new inground pool.

Concrete pools are very durable. Concrete can get rock solid hard, and thus your pool is going to last for many years to come if maintained properly. Concrete pools can last for decades, and they can also be patched and repaired if something does go wrong. Concrete pools are also super customizable because they do not have any specific form or template that they have to follow.

You can have a concrete pool in just about any shape, just about any size, and you can add your own added touches like grottos, hot tubs, and even unique walls and flooring. Concrete pools also have the potential to be very beautiful if you hire qualified concrete pool contractors and designers. You can add specific elements to make it more appealing; you can add patios and extra elements and make it truly your own.

Concrete Pool Contractors NJ - Custom Pool Pros
Concrete Pool Builders NJ - Custom Pool Pros

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Your Concrete Pools

At Custom Pool Pros, we provide you best concrete pool builder and contractors in NJ to design and install your perfect concrete inground pool. We also add the necessary finishes to help create your backyard oasis. Our team can help you from start to finish so that you can get the best swimming experience in your home.

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At Custom Pool Pros we combine over two decades of pool building experience and over a decade of total backyard solutions in New Jersey. Our luxury in-ground Gunite swimming pools are of the highest quality in New Jersey.

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