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Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builders & Designer in NJ

Pools are something that most people love, and everyone wants to have one in their backyard during summer, be it small or big. A fiberglass pool is a less expensive option in terms of inground pools and may be right for you if you are tight on budget.

What is a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are one that uses a readymade fiberglass insert to create the shape of the pool. Mostly, the fiberglass inserts are made in factories in limited designs and colors, but you can get custom designed inserts too. A fiberglass pool is a fantastic option if you want an inground pool but may not want to pay for a gunite inground pool or a more permanent and expensive concrete pool.

How A Fiberglass Pool is Made & Installed

Fiberglass pools are also referred to as one-piece pools. They are created in a factory then shipped to the location where it is going to be installed. According to what pool you want, your installation team will determine the technicalities, then dig the hole to the specifications of the fiberglass insert and fix plumbing and electrical parts. Fiberglass pools can be any size, any shape, and can be perfect for those that want a slightly less expensive alternative.

In general, fiberglass pool installation costs less than having a gunite pool installation and can be faster as well. A fiberglass shell is going to be durable and beautiful as you can get inserts in multiple designs and colors, and it is also going to be a quick installation process. Fiberglass pools may not always be made of fiberglass; sometimes you can find some inserts made of other materials as well. One drawback to this type of pool is that you cannot go super large with a fiberglass insert pool due to size constraints with the creation of the insert, but you don’t have to compromise with these in other Inground Pools.

Features & Benefits
of a Fiberglass Pools

There are plenty of benefits of fiberglass pools that make them well worth looking into:

  • Very Durable
  • Less Expensive
  • Easy To Install
  • Very Versatile

The first benefit of a fiberglass pool is that they are very durable. These pools can last upwards of 30 years if they are well cared for, well maintained, and installed properly. Another benefit is that, though a fiberglass pool is an inground pool, it is less expensive than a concrete pool, and there is no plaster to crack.

Fiberglass pools are also very versatile. There are many fiberglass pool types, styles, colors, shapes, and more so you can truly choose the right pool insert for your particular space and desires. You can order fiberglass pools in the shape and size that is going to fit your space best. They are also faster to install than a concrete inground pool as your install team will just need to dig the hole, install the insert, and then secure it and add any extras like patios around it.

Fiberglass Pool Installation NJ - Custom Pool Pros

Why Hire Us to Install
Your New Fiberglass Pool

We Custom Pool Pros, are the best fiberglass pool builder NJ, and help you add any finishing touches you might want as well, like patios and surrounds for your pool. Our professional and efficient installation team can help you to get your pool in quickly so you can start to enjoy it faster.

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