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There are different types of pools out there, and choosing the one that is best for you according to your requirements is essential. If you want a quick installation and custom-designed large pool, the vinyl liner pool is a great option and might be just the right swimming pool for you.

What is a Vinyl Liner Pool? Are there Different Types?

A vinyl liner pool is one that employs the use of a vinyl liner as the waterproof membrane to keep the water inside the pool. It is a perfect option for those that are concerned about things like plaster cracking or the feel of plaster or concrete on their feet as they swim.

A vinyl liner pool consists of the pool body then the liner to keep the water in place. These pools can have either steel walls or concrete walls. Both pools are in-ground vinyl liner pools.

In steel wall vinyl liner pool, you’re going to have a steel frame or steel walls then the vinyl liner is secured inside the pool. The liner is secured and stretched so that there are no wrinkles or bubbles for a smooth bottom and sides.

In concrete wall vinyl lined pools, the walls of the pool are going to be of concrete that has been troweled or blown into place, then smoothed out and allowed to cure. Instead of finishing with plaster, the pool is then finished with a vinyl liner that is secured into place to provide the smooth sides and bottom.

How A Vinyl Liner Pool is Made

Vinyl liner pools are constructed in much the same way that other pools are built, but they do include a final step of adding a liner. With the steel wall option, the area where the pool is to be installed is leveled out and smoothed, then the walls and frame of the pool are put into place. After that, the very thick vinyl is put into place and is then secured so that it does not move.

With in-ground concrete wall vinyl liner pools, the hole is dug, then the concrete is either troweled in by hand or blown-in, then smoothed and allowed the appropriate time to cure. The vinyl liner is then going to be smoothed and secured into place to create a smooth surface.

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Features & Benefits
of Vinyl Liner Pools

There are plenty of benefits to a vinyl liner pool. Knowing what these benefits are can help you to find the right option for you.

  • Less expensive
  • Easy to install
  • Can be replaced if damaged

A vinyl liner pool can be just as much fun and just as beautiful as any other type of in-ground pool. Vinyl liners are less expensive than a concrete pool with plaster walls, these are a bit more versatile in terms of design and color if you want something different, and these save you money. Still, another benefit is that they are easy to install. A steel wall pool with a vinyl liner is going to take far less time to install than other options.

The last benefit is, of course, that the vinyl liner can be replaced if it is damaged, without your having to spend tons of money and tons of time.

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Custom Pool Pros has the highly trained Steel vinyl liner pool builders that can install your vinyl liner pool, no matter which type of vinyl liner pool you ultimately do, steel wall or concrete wall, and we can do it fast. We offer a ton of different pool services and can help you to get you the vinyl lined pool that you can enjoy anytime.

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