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Inground Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools New Jersey

Enjoy your summers to the fullest with a steel wall vinyl liner pool by Custom Pool Pros. Our expert vinyl pool contractors in NJ excel in creating breathtaking and practical swimming pools, transforming your backyard into a private retreat. Choose from a stunning array of vinyl liner patterns and colors to bring your vision to life and enhance your outdoor space. Whether you prefer classic blues and turquoise or modern greys and blacks, we have the perfect liner for your style.

We use only the highest quality materials, including premium vinyl liners that are durable and fade-resistant. Our skilled technicians carefully install each liner, ensuring a smooth and seamless finish for a luxurious swimming experience. As a top Vinyl Pool Building Company in NJ, we are dedicated to superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Don’t compromise on quality. Contact Custom Pool Pros today for a free consultation and explore your vinyl liner options.

What is a Vinyl Liner Pool? Are there Different Types?

A vinyl liner pool uses a vinyl liner as the waterproof membrane to keep water inside the pool. This option is ideal for those concerned about issues like plaster cracking or the feel of plaster or concrete on their feet while swimming.

A vinyl liner pool consists of the pool body and the liner that holds the water. These pools can have either steel or concrete walls, both of which are used in in-ground vinyl liner pools.

In a steel wall vinyl liner pool, the pool structure is made of steel walls, with the vinyl liner secured inside. The liner is stretched and secured to ensure there are no wrinkles or bubbles, providing a smooth surface on the bottom and sides.

In a concrete wall vinyl liner pool, the walls are made of concrete, which is troweled or blown into place, then smoothed out and allowed to cure. Instead of finishing with plaster, the pool is lined with a vinyl liner, which is secured to create a smooth surface on the bottom and sides.

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How A Vinyl Liner Pool is Made

Constructing vinyl liner pools follows a similar process to other types of pools but with an added final step, installing the liner. For steel wall pools, the installation area is first leveled and smoothed. Next, the pool’s walls and frame are assembled. Finally, a thick vinyl liner is fitted and securely fastened to prevent movement.

In the case of in-ground concrete wall vinyl liner pools, the process begins by digging a hole. Concrete is then either hand-troweled or blown in, smoothed, and given time to cure. Afterward, the vinyl liner is carefully smoothened out and secured, ensuring a smooth surface throughout.

Vinyl Pool Builders NJ - Custom Pool Pros
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Features & Benefits
of Vinyl Liner Pools

There are plenty of benefits to a vinyl liner pool. Knowing what these benefits are can help you to find the right option for you.

  • Less expensive
  • Easy to install
  • Can be replaced if damaged

A vinyl liner pool offers just as much enjoyment and aesthetic appeal as any other type of  in-ground pool. Compared to concrete pools with plaster walls, vinyl liners are more cost-effective and offer greater versatility in design and color options, allowing for a unique look. They are also easier and quicker to install, especially steel wall pools with vinyl liners which require less installation time than other pool types.

Vinyl Liner Pool Installation NJ - Custom Pool Pros

Why Hire Us to Install
Your Vinyl Liner Pool

At Custom Pool Pros, our highly trained builders in NJ specialize in both steel wall and concrete wall vinyl liner pools. We pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment to quality, ensuring your pool is installed with top-notch craftsmanship and durability.

Beyond installation, we offer a wide range of services to maintain and enhance your pool. From regular maintenance to upgrades and repairs, we ensure your pool remains a source of enjoyment for years.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our work. We collaborate closely with you throughout the process to create a pool that exceeds your expectations. Choose Custom Pool Pros for a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable pool installation experience.

Vinyl Liner Pool Installation NJ - Custom Pool Pros

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At Custom Pool Pros we combine over three decades of pool building experience and over a decade of total backyard solutions in New Jersey. Our luxury in-ground Gunite swimming pools are of the highest quality in New Jersey.

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