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Pool Renovation and Restoration Services in NJ

We all love swimming pools, but sometimes our pool is simply not what we expected it to be, or it has picked up some age and wear. Swimming pool renovation is a stupendous way to revamp your pool and to improve it beyond even what it might have been when first installed.

What Is Pool Renovation

Pool renovation is any form of improvement on your old or existing pool. It could be refinishing your inground pool, adding a deck, adding a patio, refixing the plumbing, adding more features and accessories, or any real improvement in the pool, that you currently have. Renovation is one of the best ways to improve your old pool without having to completely tear it down and start the installation again. It is a great way to get a renewed pool experience in your old inground pool.

Pool renovation is also a great way to customize the pool that you already have. A great example is if you move into a home that already has an inground pool. Perhaps it is serviceable but not the size, shape, or overall look that you were going for, renovation is a great way to make use of what is already there. Customize it according to your choice and convert the pool into something you’ll enjoy swimming in.

Why or When Do you Need Pool Renovation?

Swimming pool renovation is a great way to rejuvenate your pool, to repair the damage, or to give your existing pool a facelift, and transform the pool into a backyard oasis. Pool renovation is something that not all pool owners need, but in cases of age, damage, or discontent with your pool, renovation is a great option.

A good way to look at it is if you moved into a home ten or fifteen years ago and had a pool installed. It may not have been as big as you wanted, or the shape that you wanted, or had the extras that you had always envisioned. Now, that you have more money and have the pool base already in place, renovation can help restore damages and wear and tear, and give you a pool with all the latest features, like spa, lighting, temperature controller, slides, waterfall, or more.

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How Much Does
Pool Renovation Cost?

The cost of a renovation depends on what you are having done, and how much work is going to be put into the reno. For smaller jobs, you might only spend a few thousand, for larger jobs or full renovations, you could easily get into the tens of thousands. It is best to hire a professional pool builder such as Custom Pool Pros for your pool renovation in NJ. We provide you a clear and concise idea of what is to be done, a timeline of the project, and an accurate idea about how much the potential cost for the project is going to end up being.

Pool renovation could end up costing far less than initial installation, or it could be more depending on what you are having done.

Why Choose
Custom Pool Pros

We offer a warranty on all work, and we also work with our customers to give them an exclusive experience and realize their vision about the exact renovation work they want. Our swimming pool renovations and repairing services provide you with the finished pool renovation work free from all the issues you had with the pool in the past. Contact us today to get a free estimate of your renovation work.

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