Automate Your Inground Pool

All pool owners seek a smooth and stress-free swimming experience. And with the growing automation of homes, now you can automate your in-ground swimming pool too. And make it more efficient and posh with just one click. If you can’t live without your smartphone and regularly investing in new technology to make life more comfortable, pool automation is a must expansion of your smart home.

Let’s understand in detail why you need to automate your inground pool!

What is swimming pool automation and why do modern pool owners need to do it?

If you want a more lavish, feature-rich swimming pool, pool automation is the best option. Modern swimming pool automation systems allow you to control almost every piece of equipment, from essentials like your pool pump, filter, and heater to fun extras like lighting and sound. You can even add pool chemical automation devices that monitor your water and automatically maintain the correct chemical balance.

You may integrate it with your home automation systems which means you can manage everything from just one panel. It can also be connected with your mobile phone, tablet, or smartwatch, allowing you to manage and control it seamlessly. You can also control your pool system through voice by connecting pool automation systems to voice-controlled devices like Echo and Alexa.

What can I Automate in the Pool?

Automated Pool Spa

The spa in your pool is one of the key features that you can automate for a better experience. With an automated pool spa, you can enjoy benefits, such as turn on your bubbling spa remotely before reaching home or while driving home from work.

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Pool Automation for Salt Chlorinator

The chlorinator in the saltwater pool system can also be automated. There are devices capable of automatic chlorination, pH, and ORP sense and dispense. These devices can easily integrate with major smart home systems. Talk to an inground pool builder for more guidance.


Pool heating systems can be automated so that you can control the temperature of your pool from a distance. This feature comes in handy in cold weather. You don’t need to start the heater physically and wait for hours to get in the pool.

Pool Covers

Manual pool covers can be a nightmare to operate. Automatic pool cover removes all the hassle associated with the pool covering process. And also keeps the pool clean without too much effort.

Automatic Lights and Fountain

Make your pool ooze luxury by automating the lighting features of the pool. Your guests would be mesmerized by the view and pool experience. You can host perfect pool parties by automating these features.

Advantages Of Pool Automation

• Better efficiency
• Turn ordinary backyard to a luxurious hi-tech backyard
• Easy to upgrade features later
• Web enabled controls make operations smooth
• Planning parties and family gatherings becomes easier
• Connects with virtual home assistants like Alexa

How Much does Pool Automation Cost?

The cost of the pool automation system varies depending upon the features you want to add to your pool automation system. The more features, the higher the investment. Some of the main factors that determine the cost are the type of pool, size, features of the spa, the brand and model of the pool automation system, and its control system.

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At Custom Pool Pros, we have been doing pool automation of all extents. Whether you want to install a completely new pool or renew it with automated features, we have a team for it. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we bring to you the world’s trendiest features for an elevated swimming experience. If you are looking for affordable yet effective automation solutions for your swimming pool, call us today to discuss your ideas!

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