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Inground Swimming Pool Builders & Designer in NJ

Pools are a great addition when it comes to adding fun quotient to your home. An inground pool in your backyard is pure bliss for all family members and even their friends. It opens a new dimension in your home to have fun and relax together.

What Is An Inground Pool

An inground pool is one that is set into the ground and whose top edge is flush or nearly flush with the ground around it. This helps to hide the sides of the pool beneath the ground so that they are both hidden from view making the pool more beautiful and protected from things like flying projectiles and storm damage. Inground pools are preferred by homeowners who don’t want a cluster in their backyard, read above-ground pool, to enjoy a restful dip, and by people that want a pool that is easier to use and more beautiful.

How Inground Pool Are Made & Installed

There are different types of inground pools, and all have a hairline difference in construction methods, but the final result is a mesmerizing luxury pool in the ground. Concrete and Gunite are the two main types of inground pools. For these, a hole is dug in the desired shape, then the base is installed prior to installing plumbing and steel, and then shotcrete or gunite is sprayed into the pit and smoothed on the sides to create the walls of the pool.

The concrete or gunite will then be finished with either aggregate or plaster to provide a smooth surface. The vinyl liner is also used to smooth the inside surface of the pool, and these pools are called vinyl liner pools.

Another type of inground pool is a fiberglass pool. With fiberglass inserts, you have very few sizes and shape choices. You choose a suitable design and color from premade inserts. Then we excavate ground in the shape and dimensions of the insert. Then the insert is laid and secured with the help of a crane.

With all types of inground pools, you will have a patio laid around the pool for a place to sit and relax around the pool. It also helps to hide the edges of the pool so that you can have a seamless and gorgeous pool.

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Features & Benefits
of an Inground Pool

The cost of a renovation depends on what you are having done, and how much work is going to be put into the reno. For smaller jobs, you might only spend a few thousand, for larger jobs or full renovations, you could easily get into the tens of thousands. It is best to hire professional inground pool contractors such as Custom Pool pros in NJ for pool restoration and renovation services. We provide you a clear and concise idea of what is to be done, a timeline of the project, and an accurate idea about how much the potential cost for the project is going to end up being.

Inground Pool renovation could end up costing far less than initial installation or it could be more depending on what you are having done.

Why Hire Us To Install
Your Inground Pool

At Custom Pool Pros, we build, install, and finish your inground pool most efficiently and beautifully. We provide a 3D rendering service for all types of Inground pool restoration and installation; it helps you get an idea of how your pool will look. We have a fantastic team of highly trained inground pool builders that know what it takes to not only install your pool properly but also to make sure that the work area is clean and ready to go as soon as we are finished. Contact us today to get a free quote and to start your inground pool process.

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At Custom Pool Pros we combine over three decades of pool building experience and over a decade of total backyard solutions in New Jersey. Our luxury in-ground Gunite swimming pools are of the highest quality in New Jersey.

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