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Swimming pools are a favorite backyard feature in NJ and getting the right type of inground pool for you can make a huge difference. Gunite pools are a great option for custom pools and are a perfect addition to your backyard.

What is a Gunite Pool

A gunite pool is a type of inground pool in which concrete and rebar are used to create the walls and give shape to the pool. A gunite pool is a true inground pool. It allows homeowners to be more specific and selective about the size and overall shape of the pool before the installation. You can add plenty of features like waterfalls, grottoes, hot tubs, spa, and more to completely customize gunite swimming pool. A gunite pool is simply a variation of the inground pool that does allow for installation in harder to fit spaces or to give the owner a bit more freedom in shape and overall size.

How A Gunite Pool is Made

In a gunite pool building process, the hole for the pool is dug out and roughed out, and then a frame of rebar is laid to provide a framework for the concrete. Concrete is blown onto the rebar and allowed to harden. The rebar and concrete frame are finished with either plaster to make a smooth surface, tile for aesthetic, or even aggregate for a more earthy feel. You can add just about anything in the finishing stage to help make your pool more luxurious and unique as well. This type of inground pool takes a few days to make and does take a skilled team to complete. Overall it is a stunning pool when finished and is great for homes that do have a homeowner’s association to consider. A gunite pool is going to help dramatically increase home value and add beauty to your backyard.

Features & Benefits
of a Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are great for a wide range of reasons. They are perfect pool for you and your family and specifically for your backyard.

  • Allows for extreme customization and addition of unique elements
  • More durable than above ground pools
  • Beautiful and easy to install with the right installer
  • Great for those yards or spaces that are smaller or oddly shaped

Gunite pools can be the solution that you have been looking for if you have a space that is a bit strange or that might not be able to fit a typical, readymade pool, think fiberglass pool. These pools also last longer than fiberglass inserts, great when it comes to weathering the elements, and are perfect for those homeowners that want to have ultimate control over their pool and how it looks in the end. A gunite pool is very versatile, and does fit the standards of most, it not all homeowner’s requirements and has the unique ability to fit any space.

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Custom Pool Pros has a fantastic gunite pool builders team of highly trained and experienced technicians that take care of pool building process from start to finish. Our team can help you to design your pool to fit your space and to fit the overall feel that you want, with our 3D rendering technique. We are quick on feet, profession and are determined to deliver the pool that you want and that you are looking for. Contact us today to start the design process and to get the inground gunite pool that you have always wanted.

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