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Saltwater Swimming Pool Builders & Designer in NJ

Pools are a fantastic addition to any home. Finding the right pool according to your personal preference can make a huge difference in your overall satisfaction with the pool. A saltwater pool is a perfect option for you if, you want something healthier and more manageable than a traditional Inground pool.

What is a Saltwater Pool

A saltwater pool is a pool that uses salt and a salt water chlorine generator to keep the water clean rather than the traditional pool’s all chlorine method. Instead of your having to add chlorine to the pool, you add pool salt that is then converted into chlorine by the generator. The salt chlorine generator is attached right to the filter of the pool so, it does not require you to do any extra steps.

The chlorine helps to sanitize the pool and keep it clean and clear for your swimming and aesthetics pleasure. You can convert a typical or a traditional pool to a salt water pool by installing a salt water generator that costs around $1,000. Saltwater pools are a great alternative to traditional chlorine-based pools if you do want something different that is healthy for your body and your wallet.

How A Saltwater Pool is Made

A saltwater pool is simply a pool that uses a saltwater generator to create the chlorine needed to keep the water clean and healthy. You can convert your existing pool to saltwater, or you can simply have a pool built to make it a saltwater pool from the get-go. What sets a salt water pool apart is the salt water chlorine generator, you may have special housing for this generator but, most other aspects are going to be nearly identical to a normal pool.

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Features & Benefits
of Saltwater Pools

There are plenty of benefits of a saltwater pool that might help you to decide if it is going to work for you or not.

  • Clear water with a silky feel
  • Lower cost to maintain annually
  • No chlorine or chemical smell
  • Easy on skin and eyes

The first thing that salt does is it changes the feel of the water. Some describe the water of a saltwater pool as silky or smooth, which gives pleasant experience while swimming. Another benefit is that pool salt costs far less than chlorine and the other chemicals needed to keep a pool clean, but it does just as good of a job of keeping it clean.

If you switch to saltwater, you’ll also be able to avoid the chlorine smell that comes from a traditional pool. You may have a slightly salty smell and taste to the water, but it is not overwhelming. And, another benefit is that saltwater is gentler on the skin, the eyes, and clothes.

Why Hire Us to Install
Your New Saltwater Pool

Custom Pool Pros can help you to install a perfect salt water pool or convert your traditional pool to saltwater. Our Specialist Salt Water Pool Builders work quickly and efficiently to get you in your new pool faster. Our dedicated and highly trained team can help you get the pool you have always dreamed of, Call today for free estimate.

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