Winter Pool Tips: Pool Cover and Pool Cover Pumps

Winters are undoubtedly the harshest season for swimming pools. We’re talking about debris falling on the swimming pool, pipes can burst because of frigid weather, trouble in draining or filling the pool, and the list goes on. Pools demand an increased level of maintenance, particularly during winters.

If you live in a region with extreme winters, then it may become even more difficult for you during that period. But don’t worry, not everyone is a pool expert and we understand the complexity around its maintenance. Today in this article, we try to help you maintain and protect your pool equipment during these cold winter months.

With any further ado, let’s get to some of the best practices advised by pool experts.

Automatic Pool Cover

The first and most important thing you need to look for is an automatic pool cover. Using a pool cover in winter may prove to be one of the best solutions for your concerns. Pool cover can handle most of the problems caused by extremely low temperatures.

Before you prepare the pool cover for winter, you also need to ensure that the pool is ready to handle the harshness of cold weather. Once you have winterized the swimming pool and before you plan to cover it, always ensure that the level of water in the swimming pool is appropriate. Experts recommend keeping the water to at least halfway up the skimmer opening.

Pool Cover will not only help you manage the levels of water and its chemicals but also operate it after winter.

Types of

There are two types of cover pumps available in the market, manual and automatic.

Manual cover pumps require the user to monitor the pump’s progress when drained the water. It has to be unplugged.

Automatic cover pumps operate automatically using the inbuilt sensors. It automatically starts when there is water on the cover and turns off automatically when the water has completely drained.

Pool Cover Pump and Best Routine Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners get their pools covered with the help of a pool cover during the winter months. A pool cover protects the pool from debris entering the pool. That means the pool owners have to consume less time skimming to filter out unwanted contaminants.

A pool cover also slows water evaporation and the waste of essential chemicals. What it means is that you don’t have to replace the water and chemicals as often. Now, despite the pool cover, water usually builds up on top of the pool cover. The constant weight of water on the pool cover shortens the cover’s lifespan, and hence removing this excess water is a key to maintaining the pool cover and keeping everyone safe.

Pool Cover Pumps help you get rid of the unwanted water and ensure the safety standards of the pool are intact. This equipment is worth the investment considering the benefits.

You must be careful not to leave the pump running throughout the winter. That’s where automatic cover pumps can be the best bet for pool owners.

Tips For Choosing a Pool Cover Pump

Using a winter pool cover is only half the battle and, to protect your pool during winters, you also need a pool pump. But the question arises of how to find the best pool cover pump. Well, there is a wide range of products from which you can choose. Before making the purchase, compare the prices and features online. It is advisable to consult your swimming pool builders or contractor to find out more about the maintenance.

Before Buying the Pool Cover Pump:

Few more things you need to keep in mind before you buy the pool cover pump.

• Buy a durable pool cover pump.
• Which can handle high volumes of water.
• Which can operate seamlessly.
• Comes with a considerable warranty.
• You should winterize the pool before covering it for the rest of the season.
• Keep the pool water level at halfway or as recommended by your pool contractor throughout the winter.
• Regularly remove the excess water from the cover of your inground pool using the cover pump.
• Seek help from professional pool experts to service the pool if need be.

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