Summer Around the Corner – Is Your Swimming Pool Ready?

The time to hit the pool is getting closer with every passing hour. And if there is a swimming pool in your backyard, you must be thinking about getting it ready for swimming sooner than later.

As the spring is slowly giving way to the summer, this is the perfect time to restore your pool. The sooner you start, the better it is. You should carefully assess the swimming pool and look for any cracks or wear & tear in the pool’s inlay and the deck.

If there is any damage, it may be time for repair or remodelling. If there are no visible signs of any potential damage, then you are ready to proceed with the cleaning process.

Here How You Can Make Your Pool Ready For The Summer

Cleaning: Pool owners know how important it is to keep the pool water clean and safe. Whether people are likely to dive in it or just lay around, make sure water is clean.

When we say cleaning your pool, we are not only referring to the water but the surrounding of the pool and its deck as well. You should clean the walls, tiles and its outlay to ensure it is safe for everyone.

Remove Algae, Stains and Fungus: Algae or fungus can carry lots of bacteria in the pool, and hence you don’t want to take any chances. Whenever you spot algae or fungus in the pool, use chemicals to remove them.

We all love clean water to make our swimming sessions refreshing. That’s why pool cleaning is much important, and by this, you don’t disappoint yourself at the time of swimming sessions.

Balance the Water: Using chemicals prevents algae and fungus and keeps the pool clean. Ensure that you have a water test kit; it is necessary to have a water test kit or strips to balance the water chemical levels.

Acid, calcium, alkalis, and phosphates are chemicals that help maintain water quality. Experts use it not only to clean the pool but also to disinfect it properly.

The pool’s pH level should be in between the range of 7.4 to 7.6. Use Alkaline to adjust the pH level. It stabilizes the ph level and can help you get the ideal range. It is advisable to add calcium or phosphate to prevent corrosion and maintain hardness.

Pool Equipment Repair Work/Additions: As discussed above, if the pool or its components require repair or renovation, hire a backyard pool builder NJ for effective results.

Getting it done before the start of summer saves cost as, during the peak seasons, the best swimming pool builders in NJ usually charge more because of the increased demand. Pool builders will carefully inspect and repair pumps, heaters, filters, heaters, controllers, timers, and cleaners.

Regular maintenance of the pool: You can either hire a pool contractor for pool renovations or follow easy pool maintenance tips for a healthy pool. Make your pool ready for summers but also extend the life of your pool considerably with regular maintenance.

You can make your pool ready for the summer by following all these tips. But if you require any professional help, then feel free to call us. At Custom Pool Pros, we understand what our clients look for.

We are here to help you make your pool ready provide repair and maintenance services while following all the measures to keep everyone safe during and beyond these pandemic times.

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