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Patio Pavers Installation

Our patio pavers installation is expertly handled and if due to any normal wear and tear, the pavers need to be replaced our maintenance crew is here at your service. Patio Pavers are our specialty and the assurance of a well-executed project is our guarantee.
Patio pavers in a nutshell
Typically speaking, the materials that are used for manufacturing regular paver blocks are of three types and they all can be used as patio pavers:

Concrete pavers – made from concrete – may be used as patio pavers

Brick pavers – made from clay – may be used as patio pavers

Stone pavers – made from natural stone – such as granite, sandstone, can also be used as patio pavers

Each of the above paver groups has a multitude of paver products that are manufactured in an endless selection of finishes, colors, shapes and patterns to complement the architectural style of the patio. Hence, just about any type of pavers can be used to build a patio. And since these pavers are available in a variety of shapes, styles and colors, an endless number of patterns can be made.

The durability of pavers
Patio pavers are not only fashionable and beautiful, they are very durable as well. In fact the interlocking surface strength that’s built into patio pavers is made to outlive and outlast all sorts of other materials such as concrete, asphalt or wood. Moreover pavers will never crack due to frost, and pavers are also easily replaced if a stain or chip occurs
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Client Testimonials

I have owned my own businesses for over 30 years and the way I was treated by Tom and his company was so great that it inspired me to improve my business's level of customer satisfaction. The pool came out fantastic, I get compliments from every friend or relative that has been to my home. The after the sale service that Tom has given me is nothing short of amazing. If you are considering a pool, contact them, it will be the best decision you'll ever make!

Rich S

Tom built us a lovely backyard. He turned a plain space into a fantastic place for our family to spend quality time together. He managed the project in a timely manner and was very flexible on late decisions and changes. Great effort, team and result.

Davis P

We couldn't possibly be happier with our new pool! Our custom pool designed and implemented by Tom Lobrow. Our pool's unique shape and natural design evolved during the project and the Custom Pool Pros team was always more than willing to listen to our ideas and make them a reality. Everyone who worked on our project was friendly, professional, and very experienced. Our special thanks go out to Tom Lobrow who tirelessly made sure our pool came out even more beautiful than we had dreamed. The most important part was it was delivered as scheduled. We highly recommend Brick Pavers Pros.

Monica W

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