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Paver History (Part 2)


Around 130,000 years ago a group of men and women settled on the island of Crete. This group of people would later become known as the Minoans (named in modern times for their king, Minos). They were one of the first known humans on the planet that did not wander but used agriculture and stayed, for the most part, in one spot – and who wouldn’t want to stay in such a beautiful land! This culture lasted thousands and thousands of years and during that time they built incredible palatial palaces, buildings and homes.

Because these structures were more permanent, they needed more permanent roads. To connect these towns and structures, they used segmented stones on top of a bed of sand for roads and pathways, and these are some of the very earliest pavers in known history. This technique is very much the same idea of how paver bricks and stones are laid today!

The Greeks continued to use pavers to create pools, walkways, roads, and to turn unusable, uneven land into usable durable long lasting walkways, paths, social gathering areas, streets, etc. This helped to make Greece’s architecture admired and copied by nearly every civilization in the world, even today! Because of Greece’s proximity to Italy, we find direct influence into the Roman culture from everything from religion and philosophy, to art and architecture.

The Romans took on this program of paving their streets from the Greeks and took it even a step further when they built over 50,000 miles of paved roads that were built so well, many roads like the Appian Way, built in 312 BC by Caesar’s Legions; are still in use today! Those are some serious paver pros that we’ve ever heard! Who would have thought that this idea of using paver stones and brick would come all the way down from history, right into our homes in New Jersey, thousands and thousands of years later.

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Brick Paver Pros far exceeded my expectations from start to finish. Tom keeps it simple everything is very transparent, he was very upfront with everything and very professional. He listened, he made great suggestions, above all he delivered. Job started as promised, site was kept clean at all times. Everyone was very professional at all times. Most important pool was completed and we were swimming when he promised we would be. Brick Paver Pros built us a pool that is everything we wanted with superior quality. We highly recommend Brick Paver Pros and look forward to working with them in the future.


Brick Paver Pros handled our whole job from digging the hole, forming the pool, setting the slide, installing equipment, plumbing, placing the boulders around the slide, installing the perimeter fencing and all 3200sqft of paver patio surrounding our pool.  This is a large expenditure and a permanent one, and I don't regret one penny of the incredible backyard dream that Brick Paver Pros delivered and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a superior "custom" pool and patio.


Tom has great vision and delivers with perfection. We were using our pool a day or two before his promised completion date which is extremely rare in this industry. Tom also did our landscape and circular driveway which was also exceptionally finished. We would never use anyone else.


Hired Tom at Brick Paver Pros to build a gunite pool, new patio and driveway at my personal residence in Spring Lake, NJ. Tom is an absolute professional and has mastered his craft. I have built or rehabilitated 10 houses and have never been so happy with a contractor. Tom was always available and always followed up. I really appreciated how he spent hours showing us around to pools and other projects that he completed in the area - gave us confidence he would do the job and he delivered!!!!