Top Swimming Pool Design Trends in 2018

With the warm weather coming quickly, homeowners that entertain should consider designing the best inground pool for their home. Custom Pool Pros designs and installs gunite, concrete or cement pools using the specifications you choose. An inground pool during the warm months is a way to entertain family, neighbors and business associates. It goes with outdoor picnics, barbecues and summer gatherings. Custom Pool Pros can design custom inground swimming pools using gunite or concrete quality durable materials. Customers can add features to the design like waterfalls, walkways, slides and fountains.
This year there are several trends to think about when you are building an inground swimming pools NJ. Hydro therapy jets are designed for anyone that wants to add health benefits to the pool. They are installed in the pool walls. They can help with workout in the pool, sore muscles and circulating water in the pool. Tile mosaics with different designs are another popular option with customers. Tiles come in a variety of patterns and materials that can be added to the pool design. They are made of porcelain and ceramic.
Smart pool has applications that can be used on your cell or home devices to control your pool temperature and help with maintenance. Some customers are adding tanning ledges that lets them get a sun tan while staying cool. Tanning ledges are good for children because they are in the shallow end where children can play. LED lighting is a cost effective way to add lighting to your outdoor pool. Lighting comes in various sizes and colors giving customers many choices.
Our staff can provide many backyard ideas for swimming pools. Natural pools are chemical free pools that often are built next to the garden or landscaping. Infinity pools are popular because they combine a pool with a spectacular view. A symmetrical design with a round, rectangular or oval pool maintains the design well. Call Custom Pool Pros to learn more about inground pool design for your home or business at 732-866-1661.

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